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Fit To Go All The Way In California - 27.02.04            

The punch that dispersed a cloud of fresh air showed just how much I wanted to win my first round match at the Accenture Match Play against Argentineís Eduardo Romero.

Two down with three to play is not the ideal position to find yourself in against an opponent of the experience and guile of Eduardo so when I chipped in for eagle to draw level after 18 I couldnít resist a big show of emotion.

We went on for another seven holes after that and Iím not sure that a year ago I would have come out on top as I did on Wednesday.

I am convinced that my new fitness levels played a big part in ensuring that it was my name that went through because after the match ended I went to hit balls and then it was off to the gym again.

If I needed convincing how much I have benefited from being fit of body and mind then my first round success in a tournament I won four years ago was all I needed.

And those 30lbs that have been shed will be staying off - at least until all my goals in golf have been achieved and I have many.
I was raring to go again yesterday, but the weather decided to give us all a day off. 
Alex Cjeka is my second round opponent and I will be expecting no less of a fight from him than I did against Eduardo.   Anything can happen in 18 holes of match play, but I donít intend to let the impetus fade after that fine comeback.

Who knows, at the end of the week I may well be the first man to have won three World Golf Championship events.   Iíll definitely be trying.

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