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Thatís Perfect For Starters - 13.08.04       

I absolutely flushed it today all round long.   In fact I could have shot 60 I played that well so I have to be delighted with my start.  I never thought after seeing the course for the first time last Sunday that I would be shooting 65 today.
I can think of only two shots I missed all day, but Iím not getting carried away.  I will still have to be very patient because there are still 54 holes to go and this course might get its own back yet. If the wind keeps blowing and the greens firm up then we will still be in for a very real challenge.  There wonít be many more low scores if they decide to move the tees back and put the pins in trickier positions.

What a way for my second time with caddie Billy Foster to start.   Heís a good player in his own right and helped me with my putts today - just like he used to do before our 18-month separation.

Obviously all the short-game work I have done this week with Stan Utley has helped although I didnít miss many greens today so I only needed the putting advice he gave me earlier in the week.
It was Jay Haas and Paul McGinley who recommended Stan to me and Iím obliged for their advice because itís been a great help having him around and Iím very grateful that he had the time to come and see me.

It looks like I have been lucky with the draw because I had the best of the conditions this morning.  It also helped that KJ Choi set off as well as he did and then Justin Leonard started holing from everywhere on the back nine so that kept the momentum going.   It's always easier when your playing partners are doing well as well. I could not be more pleased with my start, but this tournament is a long way away from being won.  Hopefully I will be able to find the consistency I have been searching for and carry on as I did today.

Finally, thanks for all your message of support as I bid to end my quest for a first Major.  They are very much appreciated.  It helps knowing that I have so much support around the world.  Keep it up and Iíll be trying my best to repay you come Sunday.

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