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Making The Most Of A Mess

It was a winning start for England in
Zimbabwe, but what has happened
off the field has been nothing less
than a fiasco

It's time somebody - be they from
the ICC or the ECB - was made
accountable for the mess because
not one lesson has bee learned
following the equally-unsavoury
business of England's cancelled trip
during the World Cup

The players must have felt it was dejavu, but throughout they have behaved impeccably, ably backed by the PCA chief executive Richard Bevan.

I find it amazing that the non-accreditation of 13 British journalists almost brought the Tour to a halt when there were a multitude of other reasons why it would have been better had it been called off much earlier.

At least the cricket is under way now and it will be very important for the captain and his young team just to concentrate on what is happening on the field over the next 9 or 10 days.

There are plenty of young lads in the squad trying to establish themselves and there arenít many vacancies. It is up to them to make their mark quickly and give the captain more options than he already has.

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