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Turn Zimbabwe into No-Go Zone 


It is blatantly obvious that England should not tour Zimbabwe at this particular time.   It was also crystal clear that they should not go during the World CupÖ and look what a fiasco that turned into. To go or not to go, that is a question that should be answered sooner rather than laterÖ and definitely without the players being dragged into it like they were in South Africa a year ago.    

The Governmentís stance on Zimbabwe and cutting sporting links should make things easier because the last thing we want is captain Michael Vaughan and any of his team having to get involved in this complex issue.   Letís hope the ECB comes up with a clear-cut decision and pretty soon.

I do feel for the cricketers of Zimbabwe because nothing thatís happened has been their fault and now their livelihoods are being threatened if teams opt not to visit their country. But you only have to see the pictures coming out of Zimbabwe along with the stories and documents to realise that now is not the right time to be visiting.

Itís ridiculous that the ICC should say that Tours can not be cancelled on moral grounds.   Do they want our cricketers to turn a blind eye to whatís happening there?  We canít and thatís why we should not be going.
Itís time to clear it upÖ right now.



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