Fred's Fast Bowling Pointers
Here are 5 important tips from Fred about the art of Fast Bowling:

1. Try to develop a comfortable & rhythmic run
    up . A longer run up does not mean that you
    are going to bowlany quicker.
2. Accelerate through your run up so you
    explode into the crease and your follow  
3. You will gain more control by having a steady
    wrist behind the ball, this is an important
    element to fast bowling, it is difficult to learn
    but the more you practise the easier it will 
4. Bowl at 90% of your normal pace for the majority of your spell
    and save the extra 10% for the big effort bowls i.e. Yorkers
    and Bouncers. This will help you to bowl longer spells and with
    more accuracy.
5. Develop variations to your bowling so you can become a bowler
    a captain can call upon in all conditions.
Michael Vaughan On The Pull
When playing the pull shot it is important not only to pick the right length of ball, but also the right line.
Ideally the perfect ball should come through at hip level.   Although  playing back keep your weight forward and into the shot and try to play the pull with your arms fully extended away from the body.
Always try to keep your eyes over the ball and donít try to hit it too hard.   Timing is the key.   If you master the pull it is a very destructive shot and will force the bowler into changing his length.


More Tips
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