Darren Clarke's Golf Tips

Darren ClarkeBunker Play
Firstly aim 45 degrees to the left of the hole with the club face pointing at the hole, which means the blade is open. Then swing along the line of your body and stance, in other words, out to in.  Make contact with the sand approximately one inch behind the ball and then keep swinging through on the line of your body. For a longer bunker shot the club face would enter the sand nearer the ball. Always make sure you follow through.

The Draw

Take your normal stance and shoulder position and aim and then turn your body and stance to the right but keep the clubhead aiming at the target. Then make your normal swing along your body line which means you are swinging from in to out and will then impart some draw spin on the ball ........ hopefully!

The Fade
As above but aim your body and feet to the left with the clubhead still aiming at the target and then swing along the line of your body and this should result in an out to in swing and will impart slice spin on the ball and hopefully the ball will move from left to right.

Good luck!
Darren Clarke