Marcus trescothick - forward press
Using the forward press
Playing spin with Marcus Trescothick
So the cat is finally out of the cricket bag.
In a spirit of generosity, ISM batsman Marcus Trescothick has revealed the technique which has enabled England to combat the world's top spinners.
The so-called forward press was devised by coach Duncan Fletcher after studying the way Indian batting stars Sachin Tendulkar and Mohammad Azharuddin coped with spin bowling.
It is based on the premise that a batsman needs to be quicker on his feet when when facing spin, rather than seam bowling.

In his column for the Mail on Sunday newspaper, Trescothick said: "The cricket coaching manuals are full of important information about how to play the cover drive, the pull, the hook and even the reverse sweep.
"But I doubt whether you'll find anything much on the forward press, a new term that will probably be meaningless to most cricketers, unless they happen to be members of the England squad."

Initial movement
Trescothick credits the technique with having made a "huge difference" to his game.
It's hard to argue with that, as two of his three Test centuries so far have come against Sri Lanka and Muralitharan has yet to dismiss him in either Test or one-day cricket.
Indeed it is more orthodox Sri Lankan spinners like captain Sanath Jayasuriya and Dinuk Hettiarachchi, who have enoyed success against the powerful left-hander.

So what does the forward press involve?
"In simple terms, it means addressing a delivery from someone like ISM Bowler Muralitharan, by making an initial half-step onto the front foot as he bowls.
"It gives the batsman a solid base from which he can either push further forward if the ball is of a full length or back if it is short," Trescothick revealed.

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Marcus Trescothick on the forward press